From Zero to Part Time Writer


Experiments are not just for science nerds anymore. I am trying to answer a simple question. Can I go from earning zero money doing this writing thing to earning part time writer money? The way to answer this question is by hard work and being determined. The basic plan is to produce about five short stories and sell them at a low enough rate that I can cover costs by the end of the year.

So over the course of the next year, you will get all the juicy details. From the joys of publication to the lows of failed deadlines & everything else related to the journey that I’m setting on. I am chronicling the journey so that the future can see where I came from and I hope in 52 weeks, I can look back and see where I started and the growth and experiences.

I’m no scientist but this experience starts next week. So on June 6th, I will put out my first report on things like current project, goal for the week and any stories that come from the week. Writing that is.

See you all next week. Remember like, favorite and share this with all your friends & family.